Instructions for SHIPPERS 

 1. To find a truck, first set up an account. Note: If you are having problems logging in with your credentials, turn off your phone's WiFi connection.   

2. From the home screen, click on Find A Truck.

3. Take a picture or upload a photo of the item(s) that you need shipped and describe in the areas provided giving dimensions and weight if possible. Bid Drivers app should not be used to ship priceless, irreplaceable or illegal items.   

4. You will choose whether you need a licensed mover (like a household goods mover in your area) or if an unlicensed mover will do. We recommend using licensed movers for valuable items. Follow all applicable transportation laws.

 5. The app will ask you who will load and unload the shipment. If this answer only applies one portion of the job (such as pickup or delivery only) please describe this more fully in the original shipment description so the Driver can be prepared. 

 6. You can either choose ASAP as a pick up time and coordinate with the Driver you select or you can set up an exact time/date pick up range. This range can be set up to four days (96 hours) in the future.   

 7. Once you click Submit, drivers using the app will be able to see your job and send you a bid on your job. You can select a driver based on things like bid price, reviews, equipment, experience or features listed in profile, approximate location at time of bid or special trucking licenses held. 

 8. To accept a Driver's bid, click on that Driver and then the Accept button. The final bid price you see includes a 18% fee on top of the Driver's bid to help support and maintain the Bid Drivers app. The bid price you see is the full shipping price you will pay.   

 9. Enter your payment information into our app. We use Stripe as our payment processor for secure payments. The funds will show up as pending in your account for up to seven days or until you confirm delivery. Your shipment can be cancelled within the app, but be sure to give the Driver much notice as possible. We encourage you to call or text them first. 

 10. Your shipment can now found by clicking on the Deliveries/Tracking button. You will have access to the Driver's mobile number to coordinate the pickup and delivery by clicking on the Driver and then the Details/Contact button.   

 11. When the Driver is in transit and using the GPS navigation feature within Bid Drivers, you will be able to see the Driver's location using Tracking. You are also welcome to follow your Driver in another vehicle while shipment is in transit. 

 12. Bid Drivers is intended to be used for transporting property and not people.   

13. Funds will be held for Drivers for up to seven days by our payment processor. If the pending funds expire due to unexpected delays, your money will be released back to your account and the job will automatically expire. If this event, you will need to re-create the job within the app. (If you are wanting to use the same Driver, you may contact them to rebid). The app will save their contact information.  

 13. To complete the job and release payment to the Driver, while in Deliveries/Tracking area, go to that job and click on Confirm Delivery & Release Payment. Tipping your Driver is totally optional. You may use either cash or online payment solutions.
Instructions for DRIVERS

1. To make extra money with your truck, first set up an account. If you are having trouble logging in with your credentials, turn off your phone's WiFi connection.

2. Indicate whether you have an open (O) storage area (like a regular pickup truck bed) or a closed (C) storage area (like an enclosed trailer, van or SUV) or if you have a way of fully covering your open bed or open trailer, you can choose (E) for either.

3. Upload your current driver's license and insurance card to prove you are a licensed Driver. This personal info is for administrative use only and not visible to other users.

4. If you are a licensed mover or professional trucker, add your MC #, DOT #, or any other credentials in the Other Licenses box. You can also add information about any extra insurance coverage you carry.

5. Once you receive notification of your approval, be sure to logout and log back in. Your account will now be active. 

6. Use the Bid Now button to see a full list of jobs in whatever radius you set in Settings. The shipper will be able to the GPS location you made the bid from. Only bid on jobs that you can safely and legally do. Familiarize yourself with any local or national moving laws that might apply. to the shipment. Items that are priceless, irreplaceable or illegal should not be transported.

7. Once the Shipper accepts your bid, the job moves to Scheduled Deliveries and you will get their contact info. Their payment is pre-authorized and held as “pending" in the Shipper's account (for up to seven days) until delivery is confirmed by the Shipper.

8. If you have to cancel the job, please contact the Shipper first and give them as much notice as possible so they can make other arrangements . You will find their mobile number in your Scheduled Deliveries

9. When you press Navigate within the Bid Drivers app, the Shipper will be able to track your location during that time.

10. Be sure and talk to your insurance agent about any special coverage you should add to cover property being transported or to cover any helpers riding in your truck during commercial use.

11. In the unlikely even that seven days pass after the Shipper's payment time/date, the payment processor will release funds to the Shipper causing the job to automatically expire. In this unlikely event, you may wish to reconnect with the Shipper and ask them if they would like to recreate the job. Their contact information will be saved for you.

12. When the delivery is complete, make sure that the Shipper click the Confirm Delivery & Release Payment button to complete the delivery and release funds to your Stripe wallet. If they are unwilling to release funds or for any other major issue, please contact your local law enforcement. 

 13. Tipping is totally optional. It is permitted to accept tips from Shippers either in cash or from online cash transfer solutions. 

 14. If you are in the United States and you do more that 200 jobs and you collect over $20,000, a 1099-K tax form will sent to you directly to you from Stripe (our third party payment processor). 

 15. Please consult with a tax professional regarding your tax liability as a self employed person or company..