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Bid Drivers Finds You a Truck


A New Concept in the Gig Economy

Bid Drivers is a new, empowering, free market concept in the gig economy that puts the PEOPLE in control.  Customers select the driver they like best based on bid price, proximity, in-app reviews or truck profile.  Drivers set their own prices on "paid gigs" in their chosen radius. 



Bid Drivers connects people that need a truck with people that have a truck. It's a peer to peer network similar to a rideshare app but for moving cargo instead of people! 

Do you need help moving something too large for your car? 

Whether you need a licensed mover, a trucker with special licenses or just a normal guy with a truck... Bid Drivers is for you.

Do you drive a truck and wish you could use your truck to make extra money?

You will love the Bid Drivers app!


Beyond Pizza and Beer

Have you ever offered friends pizza and beer to lend a hand with their truck? We have too, and it helped inspire us to create Bid Drivers.  Bid Drivers gets the job done when pizza and beer can't....

How Drivers Get Paid


Powered by Stripe

When you sign up to drive with Bid Drivers, you will eventually need to sign up with Stripe (our payment processor).  You can do this within the app or online.  If you have already signed up with Stripe, you can use that account.


Once the delivery is  confirmed, the pre-authorized funds will be released to your Stripe wallet.

You will receive a K-1 tax from Stripe if you collect over $20,000 in gross payment volume and also have 200 payments that same calendar year.

How It Works for the Shipper


Powered by Stripe

The app uses Stripe as a payment processor.

You can choose an ASAP pickup or you can schedule a specific pickup window up to four days (96 hours) in advance.

When you accept a bid and enter their credit or debit card into the app, the money will be held for the driver for up to 7 days pending confirmation of the delivery.


Cancellation is possible with prior notice to your driver. 

All bids must be in US dollars but you may use any of the (Stripe compatible) currencies below.

Use Outside of the USA


For Our Friends in or from Other Countries:

The Bid Drivers App is based in the USA and at this time, is currently intended to be used only  for shipments within the USA.  In the future, we plan to offer service in these 23 countries. 

All bids must be made in US Dollars. We recommend using a currency converter.

Our payment processor is currently able to convert to and from the currencies  of the the 23 countries listed. Your bank will charge you a currency conversion fee. 

About Us

Two Regular People


Bid Drivers was thought up, designed, tested, and paid for by two regular people with a big dream. We could not have gotten this far without a ton of luck, the loving support of our family and friends, and a world class development team.   

Influenced by Rideshare


We love the concept of rideshare and how it created the gig economy.  Since we each kept needing a truck to move large items, we dreamed of a rideshare-like app for trucks.  Unlike the traditional rideshare model, we wanted to let drivers be fully self employed. Drivers set their own prices, work their own hours and bid on  the delivery gigs of their choice within their specified radius.  

We fully believe in empowering other non-truck owners whose projects are too big for their cars. 

Bid Drivers was our dream and we hope it helps you to  achieve yours.

Why Not Build Something Better?


We wanted to create a powerful, yet decentralized "free market" tool. Bid Drivers helps both regular people and licensed professionals connect with people in need of their services. 

For shippers, Bid Drivers is much more convenient alternative to truck rental.

This app is all about sustainability and fulfilling destinies. It is an honor to for us to create something useful that helps bring people together. Bid Drivers is a powerful tool that took us years to create. A lot of our advertising budget ended up going toward toward programming.  If you believe in our concept, please help us go viral by sharing  BidDrivers.com with your friends on social media. 


How do I apply to become a Driver? 

You need to download the Bid Drivers app and complete the profile. and submit you info.  Once your account is activated, you can start bidding on jobs.  You will need to log out and then log in again to activate. 

Is tipping  permitted? 

Tipping is completely optional.  Shippers are free to tip drivers either using cash or using online payment apps such as Venmo or Paypal. We plan to add an in-app tipping option in a future build of the app.

How long does it take Drivers to get paid?

Funds earned on the Bid Drivers platform are released to our Drivers via their Stripe wallet once the Shipper presses the CONFIRM DELIVERY button. Transferring money from your Stripe wallet to your bank account may take a day or two.



Does Bid Drivers Insure my Cargo?

Bid Drivers does not insure your cargo at this time. If you use Bid Drivers to connect to an average person that is not a licensed mover, your cargo probably will not be covered by insurance. Drivers should describe any special insurance that they carry in their profile.

Licensed movers typically cover per pound insurance on your shipment. For the most comprehensive insurance, contact them directly at their contact number in Pending Deliveries. 

Deliveries can be tracked on your phone within the app. You are also welcome to follow the driver in your car. 

Your renters or homeowners insurance policies may cover your belongings. while they ae being moved. Always check with your insurance agent first to be sure. You may be able to alter your coverage to cover this.

We  plan to add optional supplemental insurance  in the  near future. 

How Can You Give Drivers 100% of their Bid??

We add a small 18% fee to the bid amount that the Shipper pays. We use the 18%  fee to cover the 2.9% credit card  processing fees so the Driver. can receive their full bid. The remaining 15.1%  goes to the Bid Drivers for  app maintenance, support and improvements. 

Drivers receive 100% of their bid. (Persons outside the USA may incur a currency conversion charge from their bank).

Our co-founder, Jimmy worked as a driver in rideshare to help fund Bid Drivers.  Rideshare helped inspire us to create bid driving and the whole truckshare/transportshare concept. We understand the needs of both Drivers and Shippers and hope that you enjoy using our app. 

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